Must do in Cape Verde

A little while ago my sister and I went on a sister trip to find some sun. Where we went? The forever sunny Cape Verde! 10 African islands, about 6 hours flight away from Belgium.

We stayed in Santa Maria on the island Sal. When we booked our trip we had no idea what we could expect from the island. When we arrived we found out we could do an island tour an discover all the hot spots of Sal and that is what we did! Was it worth it? Read on and find out!

Monte Leao
First we stopped at a Baia da Murdeira where we could see the ‘monte leao’. A rock where you could see , with a lot of imagination,Β  a sleeping animal, lion, in it. Do you see it? We didn’t. But is was a nice place to take a stop and take in the beauty of the island.


After that we went to Espargos, the Capital of Sal. Here we went on a little hike to the highest point of Sal. Where you had an amazing view over the capital en where you could spot the prison in the middle of nowhere. The crime rate on the islands are pretty low. The prison is used for 3 island combined..


All the houses in the city are colorful not only to make it look nice but also to indicate people where they live since not all streets have street names and none of the house have a number. A little fun fact: the amount of salt in the air is so high that it eats away the paint from the houses.Β  So every once in a while they have to redo their paint.


Time to go to the next stop, Palmeira, a small bay home to the main port of the island of Sal. A lot of fishermen go out to fish with their boats bright and early and arrive back around noon. Unfortunately when we arrived they were not back yet and since they don’t really have a schedule we would not wait. Our tour guide told us they come back with the craziest sorts of fish and it is a really nice experience, but not for us this time. If you miss this at your tour, I would recommend to go to the peer in Santa Maria. Every day from 9am ‘till around 1pm they have a fish market where they sell freshly caught fish. A nice experience as well!

On our way to the next stop we stopped to see a fata morgana! It was so cool and almost unbelievable! Unfortunately I was not able to capture it on photo 😦

It was finally time for the one thing I was looking forward the most! The Blue eye. Here as well you have to be kind of lucky to see it. The blue eye is a phenomenon created in a natural pool when the sun is shining right on the water. You can only go up with a small group of people what makes it a never too crowdy place. Right next to the Blue eye was another natural where you could swim. Luckily we were prepared for it and I can tell you, I would do it again! You can see us jumping in on my Instagram!


Bara da parda
Or Shark bay! Time to spot some sharks. Before you reach the actual bay it is a pretty adventurous walk over rocks. The sharks you can spot here are the Lemon sharks, this bay is where the come to bread ( during breading season you are obviously not allow to go in the water). During the rest of the year the smaller sharks will swim around your legs and very occasionally the bigger ones will do to. We had some small sharks swimming very close to us and we spotted some bigger ones from a distance. It was super exciting to see!

20190321171554_IMG_750920190321173237_IMG_7517Can you spot the shark? ( ps: he is brownish and kind of in the middle of the picture)

The name of the island comes from this place, the salt mines! Before they discovered the salt mines they named the island ‘ Lana’ which means flat, because the island is basically completely flat.. It is pretty cool to see how they mine salt and they even let you bade in one of the pool. They swear that your skin gets 10 years younger after bathing here. My skin did feel a lot softer afterwards, so I guess I can see it’s true πŸ˜€


After the salt mines it was time to go back to the hotel and shower. We both really enjoyed this trip and would absolutely recommend to do this when you’re visiting Sal.


PS: if you are visiting Sal, don’t try to protect yourself with a 30 spf sunscreen.. you’re only making fun of yourself. We don’t burn easily, but oh boy we did the first day! Spf 50 to the rescue!


With love, Marthe X


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